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2019 Construction News and Update (11/7/2019):

CSAH 15 from CP RR to Bishop: Complete reconstruction including water, sanitary,storm, sidewalk, curb and aggregate surface. Paving is completed and 15 is open to traffic. Minor work and cleanup remains.

2019 Overlay Projects

   CSAH 12 from West County Line to 8th St. in Winnebago: Pavement Rehabilitation: All work is complete except for punch list items.

   CSAH 63: Welk, Commerce and Industrial Dr. in the Blue Earth West Industrial Park: Pavement Rehabilitation: All work is complete except for punch list items.

   CSAH 15 from TH 109 to CSAH 18: Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) and paving is complete. Shouldering is 75% complete. Centerline striping is done, shoulder stripes and downtown parking stripes will be done in 2020.

   TH 253 and TH 254: All work is complete. On October 1, 2019 TH 253 became CSAH 17 and TH 254 became CSAH 23.

2019 Bridge Projects

Replace Bridge 2741 on 60th St. in Rome Twp.: All work is complete.

Replace Bridge 2742 on 500th Ave. in Seely Twp.: All work is complete.

Huntley Railroad Crossing: CSAH 1 at the RR crossing in Huntley is open.

MN Department of Transportation Projects

I-90 from Fairmont to Blue Earth.

  CSAH 5 bridge over I-90 is open to all traffic.

  MnDOT News Release: 08-09-2019 News Release

  MnDOT Project Webpage:


City of Blue Earth Project (updated 6/3/2019)

13th, 15th, Moore & Galbraith Street Improvements: All work affecting Main Street and 14th Street has been completed.





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